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It has been about 6 yrs since I shut down my Vitatus tank, now that my 4yr old is interested in these frogs I figured I would give it a go again ... need something other than vid games to occupy my time. I have purchased a 42gal tall tank and want to make use of the hight of the tank. I plan on making a setup simaller to the one you may have seen at I want go with a more aboreal frog then my LPS can suply (mainly gets Auratus/Tincs/Azurs/Luces). I was thining of going with ventrimaculata Borja Ridge varient. From what I have read they are not too difficult to maintain and like tanks with access to climb. Not sure what I am planting the tank with yet ... thinking of using a lot of Epiphytic plants, jewl orchids, some standard bromiliads, and some air plants. Any hints/suggestions on the frogs I am thinking about using ... and any plant ideas would be great. Look forward to the responces,

Sounds all good so far -
back too it now that i have been paid ... trying to silcone the sides of the tank to make the Great Stuff against the side walls. My LPS or any of the big box stores only carry a very expensice and you dont get much, so I went looking for GE I 100% rubber silicone for windows and doors. Rona did not carry it and Home depot only had it in clear and white ... any ideas where i can get at ube of the GE I 100% rubber silcone.

What size water pump do i want for a trickle effect on the back wall, I am not sure ... best (bang flr your buck) submersible pump. I was thinking in around 250 GPH. ALso what size would i want for my water fall (i want to run 2 seperate sumbersabl pumps

Final Question
Have any of you used the Exo Terra Fogger? I have one and wanted to use it (my lazy attempt to keep up humity. From what i remember these foggers need decently depth of water, and it send up a small jet of water. Any suggestions you clould lend my newbie ass on any of the above questions
If you're really bent on a water feature/drip wall, a mini jet 606 is good enough.
Foggers aren't really needed if the lid is closed up enough, they only really add to the humidity while they're on. I learned this from experience haha, here's one I built that I posted on another board if you really want to do one: ... humidifier
I would stay away from the ready-bought ones especially if they're inside the tank
I may try that... what is wrong with the in-tank exotera ones ?
There's a chance of frog injury, and they don't work well.
1) what type of Great Stuff foam should be used ... i bought the one from Home Depot called GREAT STUFF™ Big Gap Filler Insulating Foam Sealant

[Image: bgf.jpg]

is this the right stuff to use?

2) Went to Home Depot to get some GE Silicone I for windows and doors and they only have clear

Only Black GE Silcone they have is the Silicone II ... is that ok to use on the walls of my dart tank?

3) I was discussing the tank with a contractor friend of mine and he told me that the Great Stuff expanding spray foam is extremely toxic when sprayed ... he was not sure about when it cures however ... any one able to lend a hand . I hate doing something and then ahving it faile due to my ignorance.


That should be ok foam to use, just be aware it expands like crazy - think canned whipped cream but slower. There's mixed opinions about the safeness of GEII because of some of the ingredients, but lots of people used it with no noticeable troubles so far (I won't use it).
GE silicone II is the same as it was before the "bio-seal" label was put on, which is where everyone has their questions. Rumors of the bio-seal being toxic to the frogs or leaching out is what prompted all the confusion, but it has been confirmed that the only difference is they now advertise the bio-seal on the label, which they didn't do previously. Same stuff, different look. I prefer the GE II over DAP or any other silicone because it seems to cure faster and smells less. Like ChrisK said, the large gap filler foam expands more than the other types of GS on the market, but it can be carved or shaped with a hobby knife or by just tearing at it with your fingers. Just my .02
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That's what I used to think also, but I think Ed K kinda looked into it and there's organotin in GEII that's not present in GEI that might be linked to the deformation of tadpoles
Really? I missed that. I know that all of my tanks are made with GE II and most of them have tank reared tads that have no issues. Maybe it takes a long time to break down and show signs. Ed's info is usually gold, so I'm not disputing it. Only stating what me and my fellow frogger friends find to work with no problems. Some of these tanks have been up and running for 7 years or more and still produce healthy parent raised tads. In one case I have a tank where the silicone is in direct contact with the water that the tads are being raised in. Either way, to each his own. Maybe someday we will have 100% indisputable proof one way or another but until then I'd suggest just using what works for you.

Happy Frogging!
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Yeah here's the thread just to check out for your own future reference: ... -seal.html
It gets better as it goes along
Thanks for the link. Just for sh*#$ and giggles I searched for food grade silicone, which sounds like it would be the safe way to go, but very little came up except for some tubes on an Australian distributor website, but this thread has gone a bit off topic so I'll save that for another discussion Wink

Happy froggin, and post some pics of your tank when it's all done Snapzz!
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With the project under way, I came upon a complication. It is a bitch to work on the lower sections of a 30" tall aquarium conversion without doors lol. To counter that I have started working in 1/6 tank sections at a time, I have orded a minijet 606 for the drip wall. I have put in my first water tube and section 1 of 6 has been foamed just waiting for the coco fiber to dry out so i can secure it to the Great Stuff. I have learned that the big gap filler Great Stuff expands HUGE! will use a differant type for Great stuff for future sections for controll. I am goign to post some pics as I go along, not sure if yall care to see but I get to be the proud builder and post it any how :wink: Still need to get some advise on planting a tank like this, hoping to go with mainly epythic plants, hoiwever need them to be med/small in size that are fairly slow growing I would guess, any help would be fantastic. I guess however once I have the background foam srayed and coco fibered, and water system tested it would be easier for ppl to help me with planting if i up load some pics. Thanks for assitance, how and please remember when I do post pics this tank is being build for Vents.
This past week my husband and I built a new setup for our two azureus and tinc. We used that exact can of foam from Lowes along with GE brown silicone. My breeder uses that exact foam as well and has been using it with no problems.
I've used that same brand of G.S foam before, when I use G.S that is........which is not too often.

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