New Vivarium design questions....

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im actually in the process of going from a 10g to a 30g.i decided to do this tank all out this actually letting the foam background dry right now then going to seal it with black silicone sealant,then add some moss and rocks to just trying to figure out how i want to do a water feature in here.i have the clay pellet things for the bottom then going to put a screen then a lil coconut chips ,a lil organic soil ,then some green sheet moss and green fluff moss.i also have sphagnum moss 2.not sure if im just going to stack rocks up in the corner and put a pump or what i know i have to make a box over the filter with a screen so stuff doesnt clog it.i just need some pointers on how to do a simple but good water feature in if anyone has any suggestions???? also i want to know what light is good for a 30g and if i can use bat guano nutrients for the plants? dont think it would be bad its organic ha thanks

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