New darts are home

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:?: Just realized that we bought some "poison" darts!! for my 5 yr old's junior kindergarten graduation present. They were cute and were actually moving during the daytime unlike the red eyes. Have the pair of them in a 10 gallon with moistened coconut substrate as recommended by store and a philly and some other firn. 1) They say to change the substrate every 2 weeks?? Is this really required or is there a more easy maintenance enclosure that I could setup?
2) These guys are about an inch long and metallic green/blue. How big will they grow and will they change colour much?
I forgot they are Auratus'.
Well, hello

So, you have fruit flies. I assume. I would set up a 20 gallon, with false bottom, terralite, and cocobedding layers. Then put in a bunch of plants not just one fern. This set up can be maintain for years. It took me 3 or 4 months till i felt prepared enough to keep darts, you have some homework to do. Check the links here and on Dendroboard.

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