New feeder - Coproporus ventriculus (Rove Beetle) ?

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I'm pretty confident we identified this as Coproporus ventriculus. They are living with my white isopods. So far culturing them is the same. From what I have read this species is found beneath bark of deciduous trees and they feed on rotting plant material, fungal spores or mycelium, algae and pollen. Some from this order can be predaceous but I have not found anything suggesting this species is. Size is pretty small. The largest I have seen is about 3-4mm. Average size is 2-3 and smaller. Any thoughts or comments? I have only let my auratus eat these and they seemed to like them. I may try them with my Imitators but they tend to feed in the upper parts of their viv and not in any certain spot like the auratus. Garrick
Garrick H.
Very interesting.....I hope you can get them established. I've never seen them before.

Supposedly found in moist conditons and most Rove beetles are predacious.....but not all. Some eat decomposing material and carrion.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
anyone use these of any other beetles....other than Flour, Bean...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Also interested in these, if only for curiosites sake. Can someone post generic care/breeding guidelines please?


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Are you planning on isolating, and breeding these beetles in mass?
The beetles did well while living with the white Isopods. I was feeding them to several of my frogs. I did try to isolate them and raise them the same but they did not take off. The culture I had them in was split up due to a crack in the plastic and for some reason they did not recover from that and I have not seen any since.
Garrick H.

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