New frogs - odd behavior ?

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I know i sent this in a pm to demonic as well but i thought i would get a variety of answers.

3 R. Imitators - froglets (2months OOW)

So the frogs have been in their tank for about 16hrs now. Seems two have grouped up and there is one kind of solo frog. I have seen all 3 eat although the two that stick by each other seem to be eating less than the solo. Also the two that grouped seem to be staying up high on the glass. Is this normal? The other guy is climbing all throughout the brush and hunting down anything and everything it can get its eyes on lol. Just kind of worried about the two on the glass. One of them doesn't seem to move much. How long until they should be fully settled?
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16 hours is way to early to tell anything - behaviour wise.

Sometimes it takes days - over a week or more until everyone is settled in and behaviours start to develope ect.

The best advice for new frogs is have a LOT of plantings and leaf litter available. So many times I see a picture of a new tank or a q-tine tank with one tiny brom or 2 little plants from Lowes ect. A q-tine tank should be bumping with big pothos leaves and a "first tank" can can be heavily planted as well. Give them multiple places to hide and barriers and only THEN will you start to see true behaviours come out.

Try to get some pics of you tank on here. Pics go a LONG way to getting great help with stuff.

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As Phil said give them some time, a couple of weeks to settle in and develop a pattern. During this time watch them, get to know them.
And the more heavily planted the tank the more secure and quicker they will settle down.
Yeah i was pretty worried at first, ive been watching them for a the last hour or two. They are all off the glass now and seem to have found areas they prefer. One is veryyyyy bold as climbs all over the place but always ends up perched on a leaf near the top. The other one, i actually got to watch leave the glass and climb into a brom. He has not moved since exploring it (i think he likes it =P). The other one seems to prefer the leaf litter/porthos and wood feature. My worries have reduced drastically. All that reading about window walking made me worry hah! All three seem to be eating well now as well. whew!
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