New setup; question about tree fern panel

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I have decided to take the plunge into the world of PDFs, and am starting with a 10 gallon viv with probably 2 leucomelas when the time comes. I ordered and have received the "deluxe" starter kit for a 10 gal viv from Black Jungle.

I adhered the tree fern panel to the back of the tank with black silicone; however, the sides do not reach the whole length of the tank, nor is it entirely flat to the back of the tank. Obviously, my concern is that the frogs and also the fruit flies will easily get behind the panel, or climb up the sides of the panel and ultimately get behind it, where nothing good is going to happen.

Suggestions on this?

Also, my plan is to start with a pair of Leucomelas. I have 2 full fruit fly cultures and am starting a few new ones. The tank is pretty much ready to go--the temps are good, humidity is good, and I have the food ready to go. I just need to address the tree fern panel problem.

Also, is there any reason NOT to start with leucomelas?

Take a look at this ... _Code=BJTS
This is something simpilar, buy a can of great stuff (the expanding foam) 3 bucks, then get a brick of co-co bedding from your local petstore, 3 bucks. Remove the panel cover the whole back piece of glass with greatstuff, then press the piece of tree fern panel into it, let it dry over night then cover the remaining greatstuff with silicone and press the coco bedding into it. Make sure to use silicone that is safe for food contact and doesn't have any mold inhibitor, I reccomend the brown one.

Thanks alot for the advice. Message boards can be a real help. I ordered that loose fill from Black Jungle after seeing that the local pet places do not have anythig comparable.

Once I get that taken care of, I'll be ready to purchase a couple frogs.

Thanks again!

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