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I just wanted to say hello to everyone here on DartDen. My name is Katrina and I keep dart frogs with my boyfriend Jeff. Right now we have Leucomelas, Azureiventris, Amazonica and Imitators.
I'm looking forward to meeting the members here.
Happy frogging Smile
Hi Katrina and Jeff !

Welcome to Dart Den. Lots of fellow Mid Atlantic peeps here - NY, NYC, NJ, Philly, MD ect. You are in a great area for fellow hobbyists.

Have fun and please post to see pics too !


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Welcome Aboard! Glad to have ya guys!

As Phil said, post some pics of what ya got! Anything we can do to help please dont hesitate to ask! Glad to see another semi local hobbyist.
Thanks, TJ
Thanks for the warm welcome guys!

I'll post some pictures of my brood up shortly. I love to show them off.
Hello Katrina and Jeff
Welcome! Yes, we love pics.... please share pics of your vivs and frogs and most important about your experiences w froggin.

Take Care
Scott - North Dallas
Here are a few pictures are some of my frogs. They aren't the best pictures, they are from my phone. Hopefully I'll get my computer fixed at some point, oh and learn to take decent pictures. Haha :]

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