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There is no introduction forum so I thought I'd introduce myself here. My name's Josh I'm new to frogs but have been keepig herps most of my life. I've been hanging out in a few other forums but people don't tend to respond so I'm looking for a more lively forum. I'm working on a 65 gal viv that I think I'm going to put Green Matella (Mantella viridis ) in. I want a river feature and all too. Can anyone suggest plants for such a tank? Anyway got a tendancy to ramble. Hello everyone!
Hi Josh,
welcome to the forum!
A 65 gal tank will make a nice vivarium. Keep in mind that the mantella do not do well around water. We have had them drowned in less than one inch of water. Darts on the other hand, we have never had a problem with.
Seems information on mantellas is somewhat limited, but there are a couple of sources they are good.

Devin Edmonds has some excellent information on his site, as he has been able to observe and document mantella in the wild.

Also, Marc Staniszewski's book titled 'Mantellas' published by Chimaira has a lot of good information in it.

Good luck with your tank, and keep us posted on it's progress.
thanks for the info. I hadn't read anything about the water. I may have to replan that part. I've got a good wial befor I actually put frogs in anyway. I havn't even bout that tank yet. I have a small exo terra I may experoment with first just so I get things right on the big one. I've been to the website often and gotta get to the bookstore soon. Thanks again it's nice to have a reply.
Glad to help!
Depending on the size of your Exo-Terra, that might be a better choice for a couple of the mantellas, and you could save the 65 gal for a group of darts. Leucomelas or auratus would do great in that tank.
I'll probably go with that then. I'm itching to get some frogs now anyway. I don't think I can wait till the 65 is done!
Sounds like a plan Josh.
You might check out Rich Terrell's site, he has some mantellas available currently. Rich has some nice frogs!
Yea he got them from Mark. I talked to Mark on another forum the other day. Thanks. Still gotta get the tank up an running first. Be a few week I would say. If he still has those Mantella viridis I might go ahead and get them then.
Bromeliads, most def. Neoreglia 'fireball' and some bilbergia stay pretty compact. Begonias are neato under UV lights, too. At least, these are what I have for my tank.
Love this forum best I've found. Thanx

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