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Hello, my name is Chrystal. I just acquired 2 D. Azureus from a family member who decided they just didn't want them anymore. I am completely new to keeping frogs. I tried to learn as much as possible since they were offered to me, now I can't help but worry that the slightest mistake will kill my new froggy friends (hence my username). Anyway, I thought I should introduce myself before I start with the barrage of questions.
Hi Chrystal and Welcome.

Check out the Beginner section here as well as the "Stickies" - loaded with "newb" info.

Take a while to read and soak it in....then fire away. 8)

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Will do and thank you! Smile
Hi Chrystal,
glad you found us.
We will do our best to help you,
finding some locals in your area would be beneficial too.
Do you know of any others in your area that are in the hobby?
Hi Cindy, We don't know any frog keepers in our area as we just moved to WI from the west coast a little more than a month ago. I did find a local reptile specialty store, they have been extremely helpful. They don't mind me taking up their time, asking loads of questions and taking notes. There is a reptile expo coming up near me toward the end of July, maybe I can find other more experienced keepers there? Thanks Smile
Hi Chrystal,
there are a few froggers in Wisconsin, and the Reptile show would be
a good place to meet some other locals in your area that keep dart frogs, or probably know
someoen that does.
Depending on how much experience with dart frogs,the the folks at the reptile specialty
store have, they may or may not be pointing you in the right direction.

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