New to the forums and to Dart frogs

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Hey Guys and Gals

so im new to the frog world. i have a few snakes and geckos but no frogs yet. i have always wanted some but now that my friend has a breeder that is local for them. im getting some Big Grin

i have been looking at pics and stuff on the forums and some ppl have amazing setups. lots of time and effort put into them. thats kind of what i want. i want something that when ppl see it theyll be amazed, not just something plain and simple.

im going to start off with just a small tank and a few blue dart frogs(not sure of the technical word haha)

kind of stumbled upon this forum when doing some research and i can learn a lot and get tons of ideas also from here. awesome forum. the only thing i would add or do would be to have some stickies. like if someone makes a write up on making a false bottom, then stickie it so us noobs can find it easier in the forum and dont have to ask a million questions or search. also maybe a thread for some dos and donts. little things like that. mostly for noobs. im on many car forums and i know how anoying it can me to have ppl ask questions that have already been answered.

so other then that awesome forum, glad i stumbled upon it. love looking at the pics of some of the setups and ill be posting pics of my setup as i go along.

Welcome to the addiction! There are some very "seasoned" froggers on this board, I'm sure you will find all the help you need. I'd recommend using the search function as much as possible and READ READ READ! There is a ton of good information out there and the more you know, the better your chances of being successful are. I'd also recommend becoming familiar with quarantine procedures. Your success in the hobby may depend on it! It's an important step to properly maintaining a healthy collection that is too often over looked by new people getting into the hobby.
Good luck and welcome to the board!
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Hello I also is new in this forum.
I just start keeping the dart frog last yesterday. Smile
And I found many mnay information.
myself as well.
this site seems like its going to give me a lot of good information! Big Grin
I'm pretty new myself, and love it. This site is great. Lot of good information and lots of people to help. Speaking of, I'm about to seek help myself!
Glad you have enjoyed Dart Den.

Hopefully, you enjoy the 2.0 version as well.

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