Not yet an owner, but still hooked!

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Hi everyone,

My name is Angela and I have been lurking the forum for a few days and thought its about time for an introduction.

I don't have frogs yet, still learning as much as I can so I can make the most informed purchase and provide the best housing.

My current hobby that is eating me out of house and home is saltwater fish and corals (talk about breaking the bank!), I am wanting to downsize my aquariums and turn my 15 gallon into a vivarium. I don't think im going to do a false bottom or running water feature, but do plan on having a small pond.

The frogs that have caught my eye the most on my random lurkings are the thumbnails, specifically the vents and the imitators because of their shining colors, interesting patters, and small size. I am definitely looking for a beginner frog that is bold, an easy breeder (when that time comes) and preferably a talker. I am trying to do as much research on these gems as possible, but is anyone has any other recommendations of what might be a frog that is better suited to my needs then please speak up!

Sorry for it being such a long post! Greetings!
Hi Angela,

What part of florida? I'm in Ft Lauderdale and there are more hobbyists in the center of the state than the southern part, I can tell you.

Good luck and keep posting...


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Thanks! I'm sure you will see me around more often. I live in Gainesville, I will have to keep my eyes open for local breeders, but I have a feeling they are all going to be in Tampa and Orlando.

Might have to lurk around the other forums and see what I can learn. I've been wondering what this "Other Forum" was when I was reading posts, just thought it was the black sheep of the dart forums.

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