Now I know why I like the Dart Frog Hobby !

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Ok, so after people watching / vending at the recent Hamburg Pa Reptile show, I saw a few things that bear revisiting for purposes of analyzing the different exotic animal hobbies.

I saw:

1. Cages packed with rats and mice....boxes of squirming pinkies.

2. Crix and superworms chewing their way out of shipping boxes and scuttling across the aisles.

3. A large linebacker sized guy proudly walking around with a small Chameleon on his wrist like it was a watch accessory.

4. A little 10-12 year old girl with a critter keeper with 4 different kinds of tree frogs, 1 huge firebelly toad and some other frog (NOT a dart) - all destined for the same enclosure and quite possibly that same critter keeper. Dad was on the phone asking Mom if he should buy her a Gerbil in addtion to the "frog bomb", all the while the little girl has her fingers crossed and is saying "please, please,please"

5. a Dozen people "petting" the bearded dragons (not so bad, as that animal is as close to being able to tolerate that level of stress as to make it ALMOST acceptable) and Chameleons. Petting the Chameleons and Mom asking for her kid to be allowed to handle and pet same, with absolutely no intention of buying - only to be allowed the "petting experience".


This is why I like froggers and frog meets ect. Stay strong and true fellow froggers.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Yeah- frog keeping is great for me since I refuse to feed a pet something I have considered a pet. My husband wanted a snake, but I can't imagine feeding it mice.

I know my kids have asked about touching iguanas and chameleons, but they are curious and want to learn about them. I imagine it could get tiresome for a vendor trying to sell the animals if the only interest they are getting is for kids to satisfy their curiosity though.
People watching at Hamburg could be a hobby in itself. Confusedhock:
You should try it from behind the table, Rick.....a whole different perspective.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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