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I've had a lot of people asking recently about wait lists, with the inevitable warm up in Chicago on it's way I will be opening the following wait lists. Some lists may have extra sexes available right now. Inquire @

[email protected]

for sexes , prices and availabilty time-lines.
The following will be opened ;
North Pope Island
San Cristobal Island
Blue Jeans
Black Jeans
Quepos Grannies
Golfito Grannies
Osa Grannies

I am not opening the following for at the very least until this fall;
Standard Lamasi
Cayo de Agua
Baru Grannies
Yellow Terribilis

Again, I prefer to be contacted via email to make organization easier.

[email protected]
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My new email address is: [email protected] and new phone number is 773 577 3476

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