Oh no! My Azureus Died.

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Hey people , bad news. I have had a beautiful azureus (pictured in my avatar and in my gallery) for about 7 months now born from Black Jungle parents and he Was found Dead today in his tank. I had noticed about a week ago that he was spending a lot of time in his water bowl and seemed to not eat as much as he used to. He then Started to miss his food quite frequently when hunting way more than usual I mean like 12 tries to get one fly. I felt real bad for him its hard to watch something like that so hungry and so hard for him to eat. So I would put tons of food for him all the time so he could eat. I then began to notice the last two days that he would not even try to eat and would let the food crawl on him, and I know this stresses them out so I removed the food from the tank and only fed a few flies until I saw him eat, which he has not for the last two days. I am not sure what happened he was fine for 7 months very healthy and all of a sudden he is dead within a week or 5 days to be specific. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this. I really feel bad for this particular frog because he was a gift to me from a close friend of mine that works at a zoo. I also put so much time and effort into this guy just don't understand what happened. He was being raised in a tubberware container a big one with changed moist paper towel substrate every day since he was small frog. His regular tank is being redone right now which is why he is in the tubberware. He usually has a 4ft long by 3 ft high x 2 feet deep tank. Do you think it was a shock to be put in his temp tank of the tubberware container? Thats the only thing I can think of. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Hi James,
Unfortunately it is almost impossible to tell what may have been the issue/issues after the frog has died, unless certain steps have been taken to preserve the frog. Bacteria sets in super fast and it is very hard to tell what may have been wrong. A fecal while the animal is alive is the best/fastest/cheapest way to see what may be wrong with an ailing frog. Too many things to guess at without hard facts.
Placing a frog in a quarantine tub should not stress them that much.
Sorry for the loss.
Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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How long had he been in the holding tank? Were there any othe frogs in the tank? Did he have any sign of trauma anywhere?

he was in the tub for about 2 weeks. He didn't seem to be happy either kept trying to "push" through the wall of the tub.
I cant say for sure but if he started acting unhappy and stressed in the tub and a week later stopped eating that would be my first guess. The stress of the situation could have easily opened him up for an infection.

Ive had the same thing happen with every Olimarie froglet ive bought, they do great for afew months, and then one day they are dead, no temp spike, not to much excess food, they are the only frog i have trouble keeping. Im going to try to purchase some from another place, as all of them were from Blackjungle. Im thinking something might be wrong with his breeders, all the other froglets ive gotten from them have dont great, except the Olimaries. I dont know what to tell you, sucks i know.

Darn....I just purchased an oelemari from them this past weekend... :? (that's his pic on my avatar)

I was debating between that one and a Patricia.....dang....hope he fairs well. Is there anything I can do to help insure that all is ok with him....before anything happens to him ???

Have you told them about the issues you're having with those particular frogs ? I bet they would want to know...they seem to be very good with thier info and care of thier frogs.
Im going to ask about it next time i talk to them, i should be purchasing about 6 or 8 more frogs from them in afew months, so ill inquire about it then, the Olis they have at their store are still for sale so not all of them have died, or they had another clutch morph out. Or i just might be cursed with them lol, every other species i've kept has done great, except them, ill try purchasing some from another breeder and see if thats the case.

Rih, let me know what you find out....so far all mine are doing great, but I haven't yet had them for a week yet...

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