Oophaga Pumilio Black Jeans PAIR for Sale

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Chris Carpenter-Manassas, VA

Species- Oophaga pumilio Black Jeans
Line/Origin- Scott Menigoz. Was unable to find line at time of purchase.
Age- Approximately a year old
Quantity: 1.1.0
Price- $250 OBO
Preferred Payment Method- PayPal or Cash
Shipping- LOCAL ONLY or drive within reason

I am looking to sell my pair of Black Jeans. I have been watching these guys very closely lately and there has been a lot of mating rituals and calling going on. The female has been in the film canister almost constantly for the past week or two, but sometimes comes out when the male is sitting at the top of the tank calling her. I purchased these guys from Scott Menigoz and he was unable to find the line that these guys are from, but they are CB. I was told that they were both females because he hadn't heard any calling from either of them and they were both pretty plump. Before I even got them home I heard calling. The male since then has called pretty much every day.

I would prefer to sell this pair locally if possible. I am willing to drive a little bit and meet someone half way if you're in the surrounding areas.

Not looking for trades.

I do have a 12x12x18 ExoTerra that I will sell along with them if needed. $300 OBO for everything. Shoot me offers or a PM if you have any questions.

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