Orange Terribilis froglets for sale REDUCED PRICE!!!

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Orange Terribilis froglets for sale.

90.00 Plus shipping.

Live arrival guarantee

[Image: orangefroglet2.jpg]

Picture of adults that froglets came from. Not for sale

[Image: orange1.jpg]
[Image: orange2.jpg]
[Image: orangepair.jpg]

Thanks for looking!!!
Big Grin I love those chuby little guys. Gotta be on the top three best darts list. Next viv, i'll have one. Where are you shipping from?
Massachusetts, Shipping will probably run around 50.00 as long as they don't go up with the rates, like fuel prices.

Thank you!
Reduced price to 90.00 + shipping

Also Oelemarie froglets for sale. 40.00 plus shipping

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