Pair of Adult D. tinctorius Giant Orange

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Hey Froggers,

In efforts to free up some space for another pair of darts (Matecho's ), I am going to sell one of my two sexed pairs of Giant Oranges. Here is the info:

1) Species: D. tinctorius "Giant Orange"
Origin: Nabors Line (a.k.a. as Sean Stewarts definition of Regina's)
Age: 2 years
Sex: 1.1
Shipping: Yes, via shipyourreptiles
Cost: $385 shipped OBO
Behaviour: Currently have been spotted courting, but yet to get a viable clutch. One clutch last month (10/17), but all eggs went bad. Booo!

Sorry for the poor pictures, I still have yet to get my SLR fixed.

Please PM ME with any interest.


I know this is an old post but.........................are these guys still available?

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