Panama Amphibian Conservation Volunteer Program

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Panama Amphibian Conservation Volunteer Program – made possible with generous support from the Smithsonian Woman’s Committee.

We are offering a chance to participate in the frontlines battle against amphibian extinctions. We require 2 volunteers to assist project staff at any one time. This is a start-up project so funds are limited and we need all the the help and funds we can get. However, preference will be given to those who have previous amphibian husbandry experience and those with some ability to speak Spanish. Costs will vary, but expect to pay a bare minimum of around $25 per day plus airfare & taxi from airport. This is a big job, not a vacation, but we highly recommend you build in some extra days into your itinerary to see other parts of the country as a tourist.

What we expect from you

2 week minimum commitment to the project, with strong preference for 2 weeks or longer.
Organize your own transport and accommodation. To facilitate your travel arrangements, we have prepared a volunteer travel guide to Gamboa.
Positive attitude, preferably some Spanish speaking ability, working long days 6 days per week.
Willingness to perform manual tasks such as cleaning cages, mopping floors, collecting food and plants as assigned, and take on one self-guided project after discussion of your skills and interests with project staff.
Willingness to read and abide by all husbandry protocols.
What we provide:

Experience with an exciting on-the ground conservation venture, work with endangered species and some of the leading scientists in their field.
Training in the basics of amphibian husbandry.
Use of a cell phone, a Panama guide book, a guide to frogs of the Canal zone.
All equipment and materials necessary to complete your tasks.
Opportunity to participate in Smithsonian lectures at Tupper center and Barro Colorado islands.
Occasional opportunities to participate in field sampling and rescue operations.
To apply please fill out the following volunteer form and send a copy of your resume to [email protected]. We gratefully acknowledge support from the Smithsonian Women’s Committee for financial assistance in developing this volunteer program.

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