Parasite problem

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One of my frogs (froglets) grew very bloated and gradually just stopped eating. He passed away two days ago after sitting strange, letting flies crawl all over him for a day. We dissected him, and found what I believe are some sort of worms (we own a dissecting microscope-the worms are tiny) or parasites. Is there anything I can do for my other frogs? Is there a dewormer I could get (and if so, where) to give the other frogs to ensure they stay healthy? So far, the other two that were in the tank are totally fine. The one that died did seem less active all along, and he didn't seem to grow as fast as the others. In fact, he didn't grow much at all- just bloated out. I tried to view the healthy frog's feces in the scope, but our microscope wasn't strong enough because I couldn't see anything. Any advice is much appreciated.
Dr Frye will be able to help you.

here's his and riches website

all of Dr and rich frye's contact info is on the site.

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