Phishingpete's tank update

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Phishingpete's tank update

Here it is a little while back:

And here is my tank how it sits now.
Since the last post:
I have got the hang of culturing fruit fly's.
I added a few plants and the old ones really grew in.
I went to a frog meeting and purchased 6 Dendrobates auratus "Green and Black - Costa Rica"
Everything seems to be doing good.
3 more pics
last 3 pics

Please feel free to comment if you want or just enjoy.

wow it's a jungle! sure has grown in looks good
Very nice. What is the background constructed from?
the background is just like the one on Blackjungle but I just fish tank gravel instead.
awesome setup but I hope you brought that pitcher plant (S. Purpurea) out because dormancy is arriving and it will need it.

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