Phyllobates terribilis mint eating dusted fruit flies- Video

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Our group of Phyllobates terribilis mint enjoying their vitamin dusted fruit flies.

very cool! these are the next frogs on my list or at least some morph of terribilis
what size vivarium do you guys have them in?
Azureus - Imitators "Cainarachi Valley" - Leucomelas - Black Jeans
They are in a 40 gal right now... i want to move them in to a 24 X 18 X 24 exo terra soon... just waiting for the tank to cycle out..... I love these guys.. they look ilke aliens...haha
haha awesome! i was eying a 24x18x24 myself. I was also considering making a custom tank to exactly fit my rack space. Either way, great looking frogs! Cant wait to get some
Azureus - Imitators "Cainarachi Valley" - Leucomelas - Black Jeans
Will let you know if I have babies............ haha

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