Phyllomedusa Bicolors!

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Hey everyone, I am an older member but I have not been active in a while so i had to start a new account. I was formerly known as hkspowers. Anywhoo I just wanted to share my newest acquisitions! I have bought 2 juvi bicolors from Michael Novy. I am very pleased with them. I had a scare at one point, one of the frogs started to bloat up and his tounge swelled up a lot for a few days but then it passed and he is back to normal now. Although I have them both seperated just to make sure. If anyone knows what could have caused this pls shed some light. Anyway he seems to be fine now, and here are some pics of them. Enjoy!

[Image: IMG_0033.JPG]

[Image: IMG_0034.JPG]

[Image: IMG_0035.JPG]

[Image: IMG_0037.JPG]

[Image: IMG_0041.JPG]

[Image: IMG_0040.JPG]

[Image: IMG_0038.JPG]

[Image: IMG_0042.JPG]

Again I want to stress the bloated frog is fine and active now. I was very concerned it might die but he was a trooper and pulled through. any ideas would be appreciated so I can prevent it from happening again.

James Big Grin
I got 1 from Novy a back in early Feb. It's doing great and growing like a weed. Very cool frogs for sure.

I don't have any clue on the swollen pics there. I've not seen that with mine.

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