Phylobates Vittatus behavior

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Hello everyone.
I have a pair of vittatus right now and they are doing splendidly in with my other frogs( due to lack of tanks.). My tank is a 55 and is pretty tall. They aren't really shy , but they do tend to stay near the lower portion of the tank. Is that typical of Vittatus? Are they not climbers? I'm asking because I'm getting a coupla tanks in the very near future and I want to know which one to put the in. I would like to get a colony of them. I hear they are a great frog to keep in groups.
Any insight from someone with a little experiance with these frogs would be appreciated. Thanks.
I have 2:2 in an enclosure together, they seem to do well in a group. One of the males is a couple years older than the other 3 frogs and calls every day. The climb a bit as juvies, but I have never seen them climb as adults. Mine are also quite shy, which seems to be an atypical behavior for the species, nothing like the other phyllobates I maintain. If I had a choice between putting them in a 20H or a 20L, I'd pick the 20L because I think they would use the horizontal space better.
Hope this helps.
Thanks. I think theyr'e gonna go in a 75. I'm gonna get a few more.
Any suggestions on how many I could safely keep together?
I figure no more than 10 tops. Whaddya all think?
I can't wait to get the 75 and start setting it up. I'm stoked.
I think they are "groupable", but they do like to stay the ground, as do Phylobate lugubris.

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