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I am adding some additional sections and information top my website, as traffic has grown significantly.

I am looking for photographs of Dendrobates species currently. If anyone would like to donate high res / quality pictures of various Dendrobates, that would be awesome. Credit will be given in pics that are used. (Many pics will not be used, so please do not take this personally.) Pics with water marks are fine, as long as the water mark does not cover the majority of the Dendro.

Again, your donated pics are highly appreciated and if you have questions please ask!!!
Bump... Anyone?

A LOT of pic apathy going on of late...on the other board as well.

Contests are fairing badly too - lack on submissions (except for


Sales are down too...

wow...I just made myself sad.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I guess I'll have to track down a breeder and go take em myself... I was trying to provide an opportunity for others to share their photography... Im honestly surprised no one jumped on this. I have had lots of pics shared for the planted tank and fish section of my site.
If you wanted pics of corals, I could send you hundreds lol. Sorry I only have a few froggies. I'll try to get a pic or 2 for you tonight. What are the pics for?
Im fresh only, haha! the pics are for various ID's and care articles on my site. Im trying to get some stockpiles before I start with the articles.
As promised.....

[Image: FrogsOct2011008.jpg]

[Image: FrogsOct2011010.jpg]

[Image: FrogsOct2011017.jpg]
Awesome! If you will PM me your full name I will make sure you get the photo credit. Right now I am stocking them up to use once I get my species articles ready. Can you also list the species and morph?

Dendrobates auratus (Panamanian)
Here is a Costa Rican Auratus
Scott - North Dallas
Very nice! Anyone got tincs? Im starting my articles there.
Not the greatest pics...but better than nothing Big Grin

Pic 1: D. tinctorious "Koetari"
Pic 2: D. tinctorious "Inferalanis"
-Field Smith
Some frogs...

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