Plant Package for sale

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Looking to take some clippings from my tanks. Many of these plants will be uncommon. Nothing will be run of the mill, available at Lowe's, etc. Most are Neotropic. I'll send this one out for $75 shipped or make me an offer

Philodendron verrucosum
Diastema lutea
Syngonium erythrophyllum
Hoffmannia "bullatus"
Begonia polliloensis (Old World)
Marcgravia sp. Suriname
Microgramma heterophylla
Anthurium polyschistum
Monstera siltepecana
Paradrymonia campostyla
Begonia sp. Colombia 'ABG'
Peperomia sp. Costa Rica
Costus sp.

[Image: 16687198363_1f6d373a59_c.jpg]

Begonia sp. Colombia- I received a cutting of this plant from a friend who got it from ABG many years ago. This one seems to be slow to propagate. I've only ever sent out one other piece of this, and I know other friends who have it have not mailed out many plants.

Leaf shape is similar to that of the Gobenia section, but this is a much larger plant overall. As leaves mature, they develop nice silver/white specks throughout.

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