Planting new vivs for upcoming Frog Day arrivals?!?!?!

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Well check out this selection!!!
Ive got a bunch of nice plants both potted and rooted cuttings ready to ship!

Syngonium rayii (rooted plant in sphagnum) $5 each total of 10 available
[Image: P4260002.jpg]
Begonia 'Lubbergei' (rooted plant in sphagnum) $3 each 4 available
[Image: P4260003.jpg]
Purple Waffle Plant "Hemigraphis exotica" (Potted multiples) $3 each 2 available
[Image: P4260010.jpg]
Nautilocalyx lynchii (Potted single) $5 each 1 available)
[Image: P4260009.jpg]
Nautilocalyx lynchii (Potted multiples) $10 1 available
[Image: P4260011.jpg]
Episcia 'Silver Skies'(Offset) 3 avaialable $3 each
[Image: P4260015.jpg]
Pellionia repens (Rooted cuttings in sphagnum) 4 cuttings for $4
[Image: P4260005.jpg]
Begonia 'Manaus'3 rooted plants $6
[Image: P4260006.jpg]
Philodendron micans 4 rooted pieces $5
[Image: P4260004.jpg]
Peperomia fraseri 5 rooted pieces $6
[Image: P4260007.jpg]
Begonia mini angelwing variety $3
[Image: P4260008.jpg]
Episcia 'Silver Sheen'$5
[Image: P4260014.jpg]
Begonia 'Lubbergei' (Potted single) $5 each 2 available
[Image: P4260012.jpg]
Begonia 'Granada' (Potted plant) $5 each 1 available
[Image: BegoniaGranada.jpg]
Photo is of my parent colony and is not of the actual plant for sale
Philodendron scandens (Bag of rooted and unrooted cuttings) $6
Buyer pays shipping.

Thanx for looking!


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