"Plantit" clay pellets = ok ?

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I am using plantit type clay pellets. I usually wash them to get the dust off. this stuff is giving off a sulfur type smell to me. do you think it might come up thru the soil and hurt the frogs.
when I got hydroton I never noticed this smell.
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it APPEARS that they are using only 100% clay, but I would trust my nose over all.

http://www.plantit-growit.com/product/5 ... y-pebbles/

That said, my opinion ? Smells like sulfur = take that stuff out of the viv ASAP and do not use for frogs. The very market-name of that product alludes to plants and not animals. The smell is most likely some sort of plant fertilizer.


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I have been soaking it in water. so it has yet to be used. I got the stuff at my local hydroponic store. unfortunately didn't have any hydroton.
even though it is more $ I would go for the hydroton. the ''pellets'' are round instead of like little blobs. if that makes sense.

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