Plants and lots of them!

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Cissus amazonicus 1 multibranched large plant. 1 of the branches is over 18 inches in length!$7
[Image: P9210019.jpg]
[Image: P9210010.jpg]

Cissus amazonicus 3 pots $5 each
[Image: P9210032.jpg]

Begonia foliosa $6
[Image: P9210045.jpg]

Begonia 'Gold Coast'$5
[Image: P9210038.jpg]

Begonia luzonensis $10
[Image: P9210017.jpg]

Begonia luzonensis $6 each
[Image: P9210030.jpg]
[Image: P9210029.jpg]

Begonia bipinnatifida $6
[Image: P9210031.jpg]

Epipremnum pinnatum 'Cebu Blue' $7 each
[Image: P9210044.jpg]
[Image: P9210043.jpg]

Selaginella SP . Wavey leaf fans $3
[Image: P9210021.jpg]

Syngonium rayii Large potted plant $6
[Image: P9210033.jpg]

Syngonium rayii Small potted plant $4 2 available
[Image: P9210067.jpg]
[Image: P9210052.jpg]

Syngonium rayii rooted plants in sphagnum $4 each
[Image: P9220005.jpg]

Rhodospatha SP $5
[Image: P9210054.jpg]

Amalophyllon SP RM 2006 $8 each
[Image: P9210039.jpg]
[Image: P9210040.jpg]

Selaginella plana/flabellata $4 each
[Image: P9210062.jpg]

Selaginella plana/flabellata $7
[Image: P9210066.jpg]
Large nice plant!

Selaginella plana/flabellata $6
[Image: P9210061.jpg]

Selaginella SP Brazil$6
[Image: P9210041.jpg]
[Image: P9210042.jpg]

Selaginella uncinata $3
[Image: P9210036.jpg]

Dracaenea 'Florida Beauty' $4
[Image: P9210053.jpg]

Peperomia cubensis $5 each
[Image: P9210058.jpg]
closeup [Image: P9210059.jpg]

Nautilocalyx lynchii $5 each
[Image: P9210051.jpg]
[Image: P9210050.jpg]
[Image: P9210048.jpg]
[Image: P9210047.jpg]

Pellionia argentea $5
[Image: P9210068.jpg]

Episcia 'Acajua' $4
[Image: P9210057.jpg]

Monocostus uniflorus $5
[Image: P9210055.jpg]

Ficus quercifolia $5 3 cuttings
[Image: P9220008.jpg]

Syngonium unknown podophyllum hybrid $3
[Image: P9220001.jpg]

Scindapsus pictus $5 2 rooted plants
[Image: P9220002.jpg]

Pellionia pulchra $3
[Image: P9220006.jpg]

Thanx for looking!

Selaginella SP Brazil SOLD OUT
Amalophyllon SP RM 2006 SOLD OUT
Pellionia argentea SOLD
Dacaenea 'Florida Beauty' SOLD
Scindapsus pictus SOLD
Syngonium Unknown podophyllum hybrid SOLD
Rhodospatha SP SOLD
Begonia bipinnatifida SOLD

Nautilocalyx lynchii 2 left!
4 Syngonium rayii plants rooted in Sphagnum remain

I am currently sold out of the Ficus quercifolia, I may have 1 more portion left but I wont know until I send out the current orders.
I also forgot to mention I have 1 portion of Java moss available! This is the last of the aquatic! The next batch will be from terrestrial cultured Java moss!

Thanx for looking!

Oh yes I forgot about the weekend sale.
Anyone who buys 5 or more plants and completes payment by 12 AM EST Monday morning will receive $5 off the total Big Grin



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