Plants for Trade or sale.

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I am looking to possibly trade my plants for your Oophaga.  I have been out of the hobby for several years and I am looking to get back in.  This list is a small portion of what we have.  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or pms if you prefer.  


M. Dubia

M. Tuberculata

M. Siltipecana

M. Adensonii (narrow form, round form, soon to have friedrichsthalii, and blanchetii.)
M. Peru
M. Standiliana (green/albo)


P. Brandiatum

P. Scandens (standard/variagata)

P. Hetaracium (green/neon/micans/Brazil/silver stripe)

P. Werneri mini (standand/rotunda)

P. Mini midget
 Burle marx fantasy

(40+ other varieties available however these are the best suited for viv use due to mostly size constraints.)

Raphidophora hayi

Pepperomia frost

Vanilla planifolia variagata

Epipremnum pinnatum “cebu blue”

Purple passion vine

Ficus pumilia variagata

Pothos (not aware of any variety we do not have)


b. u093

B. u540

B. u549

B. Immense
60+ varieties of Hoya and many others from these and other mafilies of plants.  We have selected these specifically for their comparability with vivarium.
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