Please help me with fecal samples

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I need to get fecal samples to Dr Frye and I am having a hard time finding how to do this. There are black dots on the damp paper towel but I think those are from the pothos plants inside their container. Please help me in describing what frog feces looks like so I can get a sample out by tommorow. Sad
The best I can describe it is this is usually blackish colored, shaped like a piece of rice but much thicker than cooked rice and a little longer usually.
Pothos shouldn't make any black marks, you are probably seeing frog feces / poop and it ranges in color from blackish to brownish and sometimes a redish tint from the eyes of the digested fruit flies which are red. Candy did a good job describing them - what they should look like that although darts can have problems where the stools are not so nicely shaped and more runny

Do this if you have any problems: Take out the pothos and the hiding spot you made and wrap up the entire damp paper towel you have on the bottom and send to all to DR. Frye. He'll be able to decipher fecals that way. Gather it as fresh as possible and put it in a ziplock baggy and ship it overnight to him - making sure you get to the post office before 4pm so it will be there when he is available. If you are feeding them well, then they should be passing stools. Hope that helpsSmile
Thank you so much both of you. Yes krisity they love their little hide out you helped me set up and are doing so well. I will just roll up the paper towel and send it to him. Hopefully he will be able to get them. How often do frogglets "poop" a day anyway?
depends how much you feed them sometimes a couple homosapiens i guess. lol kristySmile

p.s. never counted my froglets fecals on the most part.....i knew they were eating well and they pooped many times so i can't say exactly how much it has happenedSmilelol
HEHE just curious.
Good post on Fecals / collection...

Frog "Cigars". heh

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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