Plexi glass and Viv construction ?

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Hey, I am new and I was wondering if a all Plexiglas tank will be ok for keeping Dart Frogs. I have been looking and can't find any thing about Plexiglas terrariums, besides the lids.

I am making the terrarium 12x20x12, is this good ? and for venting i don't like to use screen so will small holes on the top of the sides be good enough ? Last ? for humidity, i was planning on getting some small pieces of slate and going to glue them together to make a small waterfall/ stream, will this provide enough humidity ?
The stream will only provide so much humidity.You will still need to mist daily. Make sure you use 100% silicone.

I would consider using screen because of the fruit flies. They can climb the glass if its not perfectly clean, and get out of any size hole... Some even make it through my screen. Even the frogs can fit through a small hole..

well Good Luck!
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That size tank would be good for a couple of frogs (that size would be a little bigger than the size of a ten gallon).

I've never used plexiglass, but it has got to be more expensive than a 10 gallon tank (like $8-$9 anywhere). You also run the risk of scratching the plexiglass over time making visibility less clear.

What you do for humidity depends a lot on what the humidity is in your neck of the woods. Living in Michigan without AC, in the summer I could use a screen top and mist every couple of weeks. People in Arizona (where humidity is so low) don't use any ventilation and must mist a couple times a day.

I would use the waterfall/fogger and then buy a humidity gauge at walmart (the pet store ones are worthless). Then you can see how often you would have to mist it by hand. You can also look into an ultrasonic humidifier.

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