Poison Dart frogs+viv plants in NY

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Hey everyone!

I'm new to raising Poison Dart frogs and i'm looking for things to get a vivarium going.

easy growing orchids
Utricularia (longifolia, etc)
Small to medium growing bromeliads
small ferns (korean rock)
jewel orchids
wandering jew, green/white varigated
silver green philodendron
dwarf grasses
small growing syngonium, alocasia, colosia if they exist haha i have tons of EE's but they're too big
Monolina primuliflora
lance leaf ficus
smaller neps, mine are too big now Tongue

java moss
live sphagnum moss (green & red)
Bonsai cushion moss
Flame moss
star moss

Slate rocks
Driftwood, trunks
interesting rocks safe for frogs

Frogs (please note i may look into getting them here in about 1-2 months) no hurry i have to get the viv going
D. Leucomelas
D. Azureus
D. Auratus
I would love a sexed pair if possible

Looking for plants to fill up a 30gallon, and a 20 gallon long.

This is just a quick list but i would also take other things. I'm looking to buy/SASE/etc. via paypal. please pm me

Thank you very much,

D. Leuc 2:1?:3 Bryan's tropicals/2unknown
D. Azureus 1:1:4 unknown
Nice list Dustin and welcome to Dart Den.

There are a LOT of fellow froggers - hobbyists in the NY state area, but it would be better if you included a nearby city in your profile. You would have a much greater chance of someone close contacting you, sooner IMO.


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