How many people in the U.S own Dart Frogs ?
Under 500
Approx 1,000
Approx 10,000
Approx 25,000
Over 50,000
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Poll - How many people in the U.S own Dart Frogs ?

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How many people in the U.S own Dart Frogs ?

This is just your best GUESS, so please don't get bent out of shape and want a citation or data.

Just a fun guess-poll...

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Not that is matters, but my guess was 10,000 people - qualified by saying they had to own them in the last 2 yrs. This would be stats for last few years, not 15 yrs ago when it was difficult to even find a book on darts, much less frogs themselves. I am guessing the turnover for this hobby is prob very high... maybe 12-16 mos. The first half is getting frogs, the second is the downhill slide into the next obsession. :roll:

Scott - North Dallas
I remember talking with Tim from Texas (JubJub) and he was insistant that there were over 100,000 people who currently own dart frogs. Man, I just think that figure is way high.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
100,000 seems pretty high, but if we count herpers that only have 1 dart viv I would guess that the number is above 10,000. Not that much higher though. I think Scott is right about many hobbyists...stay in for a while then get out, which makes getting a good estimate pretty tough. Seems like the hobby has been getting more "mainstream" even in the few years that I've been in it. I would guess that numbers will continue to rise, though I think this may be accompanied by fewer "advanced" keepers (i.e. unlike the past when many keepers were involved with zoos, educational institutions, etc...).
-Field Smith
Some frogs...
Well if you take into consideration that there are 11,000+ members on DB and probably at least that number that don't have a membership on a forum, plus people that have a membership on only one fourm, minus the people who are members but don't currently have frogs. My guess is probably 20,000-30,000. Although my vote was for 50K ,which now that I think about it, that seems high.
Keep in mind the high "turnover" where someone only keeps a dart frog for an average of 1.5 years (just made that up btw) and the forum membership numbers become less relevant.

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I wonder if it truly is @ under 10,000 people. I bet it is.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I said over 50,000. In a town of approx 40,000 people, I know of around 25 people that keep pdfs. The only person I know of those 25 people that is on the forums is Jason Juchems. So 2 out of 25. Across the river in Peoria, there are a couple hundred thousand people and alot more people that keep frogs that aren't on the forums. The groups around here are jaded against the forums.
Those coming to town this weekend for the symposium will be surprised at the numbers in Central Illinois. (I will be canoeing down the rock river)
Between Pekin and Peoria there were 3 pet stores that would pick up anything you wanted when they went to the wholeseller's. Didn't need internet. Now, you can find most of what you need in Illinois. Still no need for Internet.
And, for a short story...My room mate and I went to this guy's townhouse a few blocks from ISU in 1996 because he had bearded dragons for sale in the back of Reptiles magazine. When we went upstairs where the beardies were, my room mate looks over and says oh, you have auratus and tincs. The guy says yes he is getting into dart frogs and really likes them. I told him what I had at the time, and we talked a while. Shortly after that, the guy moved back to St. Louis after his wife graduated and started a company called Saurian. Patrick has a few more frogs nowadays.
Dusting this one off after Phil's comment on the hobby needing an influx of new enthusiasts. This is an interesting poll question, and one that is quite relevant. Would be interesting to hear more recent opinions.
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We are a tiny tiny niche hobby.

Tropical fish are HUGE compared to us. Think about how many of 20 random people you know and count how many have tropical fish. Divide that number by 8 or 10 or perhaps more and you get an idea...

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