Your Silicone use for the Vivarium
Won't ever use any type of silicone
Have used GE I - Good results
Have used GE II - Good results
Have used "Aquarium" type silicone - Good results
Have used some other type of Silicone (please post info)
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Poll - your Silicone use for the Vivarium

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Your Silicone use for the Vivarium

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Did I get this poll right ?

Are the choices ok ?

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"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I had clicked three options...I have used GEI and GEII with no problems and alot of ACE 100% silicone with no problems...Granted my vivariums have only been up about 1.5 to 2 years max. So whether something can happen long term i cant share that. I have a different one that has been assembled for over 5 or 6 years but has not had any darts in it.
Thanks, TJ
I clicked two...

GE Silicone 1 and El' Cheepo Wall mart 100% Silicone Clear Sold as "mainstays" 100% silicone, no mold inhibitors etc. .... but same potent acetic acid smell I have grown to love. :o

DAP 100% Silicone -- the only excuse I find anymore to go to Ace Hardware.
I've used GEII in the past and have recently switched over to a clear aquarium grade. Some tanks with GEII have been up for 3+ years and I'm seeing no ill affects. I switched over to aquarium grade when I found some locally that wasn't much more expensive than GEII.
We use Silirub AQ made by Soudal. Whether its avaiable to you guys i don't know,longest viv running is around 2 yrs i think.We build for ourselves,this is the best i can get here It's purpose designed for aquarium building,and i love way it "grabs" the glass,superb to work with. I'm just finishing off a 3'...90x90x45 deep euro viv and it was easily able to cope holding the big back bit in place with just an edge bead of silicone,a 3'x3' piece of glass in 4mm is a fair weight,very impressed!! If you can get it over there try it guys.Over here the last box we bought worked out around £3.50 per tube,try your local glazing merchant,for those living in Blighty

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