Pool of water

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I was wondering is a pool of water needed like so? http://www.blackjungle.com/Merchant2/cypress.jpg

will the frogs even use it? Or will I be fine having the whole floor covered with subtrate and plants...that keep most by misting...

Also I see that in the hut looks like a shallow dish of water in it...that would be easy to do aswell...also is it there for breeding purposes?
Hey there. To answer the question about the hut.. yes, it is used for breeding. It is a good site for the frogs to lay their eggs. And the underneath of it is a petri dish. so you can remove the eggs easily.

Hope that helped Big Grin
so I dont need a water dish? well, the only one I do need is the dish under hut right?
I would recommend film canisters for eggs deposit spots. You can affix these with small suction cups to the glass at a 45 degree angle.

You seem to be gung-ho about breeding. Jst an FYI frogs mature at about 1 year some more some less but thats a good median age.
well ive bred beardies and alot of repts. its just fun

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