Potential male and female?

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So I have 3 variabilis in my vivarium. One is 3 months old, one is 6 months old and the last is 7 months old. I had posted a picture of the 7 month old frog because it seemed to be carrying eggs and so I wanted the opinion of more experienced dart frog members. All the people who commented on my post agreed that "she" seemed to be carrying eggs. So, naturally, my next question was if I have a male and female or not? The 7 month old frog is quite larger than the 6 month old. Of course the age difference can account for the size difference but I do not believe there would be such a large difference. Especially since their overall body shapes different as well. The 7 month old is about half a bodies length longer than the 6 month old and she is a lot rounder and "fuller." I know it is difficult to say whether I have a male and female, especially since I haven't herd calling yet. Another thing I would like to add is that the smaller frog tends to chase after the larger frog all day and tries to hang around it as much as it can. I posted a photo of the two below..does anyone have any insight into whether or not these 2 seem to be a potential breeding pair?

The top left is the frog I believe is female and the potential male is bottom right.

Also I posted the photo if the female that people said she looked to be carrying eggs.

[Image: 7e25cad08c7d2d22819093a7fceabcda.jpg]

Thanks so much guys!

[Image: e5d0b921d7384bbc4111fe0b5ac1f485.jpg]

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