Pristine Tropics - Salt Lake City Utah

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I'll start the new sub forum out with this...

I received an email stating that Pristine Tropics had Dart Frogs and related supplies and was a very nice store with helpful people. Since we have at least 6 members here from UT and that area, maybe they can confirm.

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Hey Phil,

Pristine Tropics is my company based out of Sugar House in Salt Lake. I do not have a store front and operate completely out of my house that seems to be getting smaller by the Viv. I offer a wide variety of frogs and supplies (usually locally) and honestly do more trading then selling. Twice a year (Wasatch Reptile Expo & Repticon) I vend with a couple buddies (who also have supplies, bugs, and plants). If someone is interested in coming by and checking things out feel free to contact me via PM or email and I will gladly make some time to accommodate!

Feel free to move this thread to where it is appropriate since I am not a store, but thank you to whoever gave Phil the kind words!

Chris Anderson
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Thanks for clearing that up Chris. I think I may have confused or read that PM wrong, as I was sure you were a "brick and mortar" business. This thread can still stand as long as you wish it. I'm still keen on developing / posting local places that stock supplies, viv building stuff and feeders...that kind of thing.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
While Chris may not have a store front, he is an invaluable asset to the local frogging community.

I personally purchased my first frogs from him. This was about 2 1/2yrs ago. Since then he has answered numerous questions, and put me on the right track from the beginning (as far as mixing, flipping, breeding, viv design ect). Since then I have watched chris help out countless people getting in to the hobby, be it by phone, or opening his home up. I have watched him take in metamorphs that others have sold as 'deals' as well as give away flies and springtails to help out these people.

In short Chris is a great local asset, with a wealth of knowledge that he shares openly. His frog/froglets are always fat and healthy,and his follow-up care and advice are unparalleled. And I hear he ships...

I can not say enough good things about Chris and his frogs. He is always helpful, honest & great to deal with!! Big Grin I have more than 20 of his frogs and he will always be the 1st one I call when I'm ready for more. If you ever have a chance to see his frogs(@ home) I think you will be very impressed with everything Big Grin
Thank you Chris, for all the help and guidance you have given me.

Dave Carpinelli II
Not sure if this Chris is the same one i know. But if it is he is moving too cali! So i really need too find a new person too help out and sell things. Pet stores dont know crap and they rip you off bad!! So if this is you Chris thats moving please let eveyone know.
Yes this is the Chris i knew. Had amazing frogs! Plants! Tads! Eveything you could want.. You will be missed buddy!!!! Sad

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