Proven Leucs and Vents to Trade/Sell

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I very much need to clear up some space. So, I am looking to trade 2 proven groups. Here is what I have.

0.0.10 French Guyana Vents - $300
I have no idea what the ratio is, but this is a very prolific group of vents. Mix of UE and Sean Stewart lines

0.0.7 Nominant leucomelas - 250
Again, I am not sure on the ratio, but a very proven group of leucs.

I also have a melanistic blue trunc I need to rehome. Free with purchase

Here is what I am looking for if interested in trading:

Regina Tincs (froglets to adults)
Oyapok tincs (frogles to adult)
Subadult/Adult Veraderos (non-UE line)
Subadult/Adult Vanzos (non-UE line)
Male Orange Terribillis
Micro geckos
Broms (I need quite a few) and Plant packages
Magnolia leaves
Premade ABG
LED bulbs
Mistking Set
Whatever (let me know what you have and I might be interested)
Any other equipment or frog offers welcome (no auratus please)

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