Quarantine ?

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I'm currently keeping a pair of matecho's in a 25 gallon tank. I'm upgrading them to a 65 gallon tank. I will rework the current tank a little and I'd like to put in a small group of Ranitomeya imitator; Varadero- orange/blue. My question is, with the matecho pooping and what not in the tank, how long should I wait to put in the Varadero? I want to add some new plants and more height, I did'nt want to tear it down and start over. thoughts and opinions please
Well, I thought someone who logs into this site several times a day other than myself or Jim (Mod) would take a crack at answering this question, but it seems I am wrong...so, I'll try to help.

'Quarantine' is a term used for the partitioning of live animals. Not to pick nits, but I'm just trying to be concise. The enclosure is not being quarantined.

The only 'high percentage' SAFE way of looking at this is tearing down the viv and using a 5-10% bleach solution, wash thoroughly and air dry, ect.

If the Tincs were WC or housed in a collection with WC or possible issues, then I'd recommend the above.

If the Tincs were eggs ect that were from your own collection or you can be very sure that they weren't housed with 'suspect' frogs or other animals.

in other words, you can see that my answer is 'not easy' to give.

Another issue. There is no time limit where Coccidia and RV and BD all 'become inert'. They will most likely be dormant or present a potential problem until disinfected.


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Thank you, thought I had the equivilant of cyber halitosis there for awhile....I bought the frogs from a local guy and he built the viv as well. I wont risk the health of the animals over a few dollars or a few hours time, so a complete tear down is going to happen. Thanks again, Chris
Better safe than sorry. At least you are dealing with one enclosure and not a 40 tank frog room.heh


"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
I may get "frog room" busy some day, but I'll have to give up skeet shooting, woodworking, coin collecting and my voracious intake of novels first just to be able to afford it! The smart thing would be to put the new frogs in the new viv, but the only reason for having a second viv is that I think the tincs need more room. I know that 25 gallons is supposed to be more than adequate, but I watch these frogs cover every square inch of this viv 15+ times a day. I'm sure that they would like more room.

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