Questions about dart frogs

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Hey guys,there is a reptile expo coming neer my place on august 10th! and i need to know about dart frogs,i will list some questions!

does it matter about the color of the frog? or juts as long as its a dart frog?

thats really my only question, now i just need some help with the terrarium,please post supplies,size of tank with quantity of frogs that can live in there, please help me out im sick of googleing it lol !

You need to keep the different kinds of darts seperate from each other. Color and pattern give the ability to help distinguish between the types. Whoever you are buying them from should be able to tell what type they are. Leucs and Auratus are some of the best darts to start with. Any of tincs are OK as well, but you should not keep more than two in an enclosure. The Leucs and Auratus tend to work well in a group.

As far as enclosures, it is good to try to have at least 10 gallons per frog, even 15-20 gallons per tinc is not a bad idea. Overcrowding them tends to stress them, which can lead to death.

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