R. Imitator Nominant - Green vs. Cainarachi Valley

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I recently sold all of my Nominant imitators because I'm down-sizing my collection and I also had questions about what I actually had.

I had originally bought 3 imitators each from two different sources. The sellers assured my they were the green "Nominant" form that I was after. What I'd like to know is if there is a physical difference in terms of coloration between what's known as the Green variety and the ones from Cainarachi Valley.

They were all very young when I bought them from both sources, maybe 2 months OOTW. Of those original six some developed a goldish sheen to them and others had that classic green look much like a Southern Variabilis. Those actually looked like the picture of a Southern Variabilis on UE website. The one mated pair that I ended up with threw out offspringdiffer oath types of coloration I have mentioned.

My concern is if people who raise these particular locales of Green Imitator know for sure what they have.

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