Ranitomeya flavovittata - 1st clutch

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Flavos finally did it...
Watched em court yesterday after mister went off,
female was doin some heavy petting today,
just found these tonite, so hopefully male did his part... We'll See!

[Image: 1stflavoeggs.jpg]
Known Male
[Image: newflav1.jpg]
Courting Female
[Image: flav.jpg]
Congrats. Nice looking frogs.
There must be a few different site locals for Flavs. Those legs look very different than the pics I have seen in the past.
Cool frogs.

Darts with parasites are analogous to mixed tanks, there are no known benefits to the frogs with either.

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Congrats Tony . Still waiting for my invite to see your frog room ..........
Happy frogging ,
Awesome frogs! good luck with the eggs.
Good to see you here Darren.
Those look just like mine.
I don`t know of anyone else w/ flavis in the us other than us.
I have my first 4 out of the water, growing fast. They have stopped producing since I changed their tank. Hopefully they`ll start back up soon.
Best of luck!!
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I have them as well.
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