Rcteem's frog room :D

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Well the day is almost here when I can build my frog room again . I move into the new place Sept. 1st. I am slowly starting to get my frogs back and will be re-doing every single tank!!! I will be drilling the ones not drilled yet, hooking up every tank to a mistking system, and re-planting the vivs. Sadly, a lot of my rarer plants died while people were watching my collection. Small price to pay, but thankful for all the help they did for me.

Right now my collection consist of the following:

Highland "Standard" Lamasi, "Green" Lamasi, Leucs, Azureus, Bahkuis, La Fumme, Lorenzo tincs, CV Imis, Lowland Fants, Amazonicus, Bri Bri, Colon, Solarte, Matecho, "Abieso" Pepperi, Tarapoto Imis, Blue Jeans, Black Jeans, Southern Varis, Vanzolini, Retics, and WC Cobalts.

Im sure it will only get larger too . Ill be sure to post a before and after photo of the vivs. I'll also post pictures of my 2x4 racks I build, glass work shop, tadpole system, and plant section.
Here is a few of the tanks now. Please remember that I havent kept these tanks in several months and sadly several plants died, but at least the frogs are fat and healthy. I will post pictures of them once I redo them.

Blue Jeans Tank
[Image: DSC_0407.jpg]

Froglet Tank
[Image: DSC_0406.jpg]

WC Cobalt Pair Tank
[Image: DSC_0405.jpg]

Rio Guaramo Tank
[Image: DSC_0404.jpg]

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