Reasonable Size Tank for Terrilibis?

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Petco is having its dollar a gallon sale in my area right now and I was thinking of picking up some 40 gallon breeder tanks. Assuming the tank is not heavily planted and has a water feature, what number of adults can I safely keep in this tank? Ed
Bigger is always better, but rule of thumb would suggest 4-5 Adults. Terribilis mature slower than avg dart frog, so if your going to buy juv frogs/froglets, you might get 7-8, then if you avoid any attrition, trade off excess down to a final breeding group. I would have an extra 20gal as back up "frog hotel" for misc use/ hold backs. If you make a water feature, leverage the bio function and ensure water can circulate into leca or gravel. Also, allow the tank get established a few months prior to adding frogs. I doubt Terribilis wlll eat spring tails, but I would still add them for bio system benefits.
Scott - North Dallas
Thanks so much for the advice.

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