Red Amazonicus is not ok

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My Red Amy has something severely wrong with him. He's really lethargic and out & about a lot, which is not like red amys. That's the least of it though. If it was only that, I'd say it was mostly stress from having the tank recently moved, back off, and let him chill out over a few days.

But here's the kicker: He's randomly flipping out. With nothing & no one around, I'll suddenly hear banging around. When I go to take a peak he's acting as if his brain is on fire or something. He'll be jumping all over the place, into things, half assed climbing the wall, then letting himself fall. Lots of unhealthy, unusual commotion. That's how I'd act if my brain was on fire, or my genitals suddenly had the feeling of vice grips + electricity on them.

I've read around and can not find any sickness that has these kinds of symptoms. Beyond the lethargy between freak outs that is.

He looks a decent weight, not wasting away or anything, but I get the strong feeling he'll pass soon. I have read about parasites that affect certain insects this way, but haven't found anything about frogs getting them.

If anyone has any advice before I lose him, that'd be great.



P.S. temperature is fine, he is well fed with all the right supplements, everything seems to be in correct, working order.

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