Red Eyed Tree Frog and Dart Frog Vivarium ?

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Does anyone keep or have kept Red Eye Tree Frogs ? I think these frogs are sooo cool looking. Im looking for some info on what there Vivs should be like. Are they similar to dart frogs ? Can the be kept in the same Viv if its large enough ? Would they fight or ignore each other ? Do they require the same plants ect... I'm sure I could google all of this but its easier to post here while at work lol. Thanks !
Similar, but larger and more vertical enclosures for Tree Frogs.

Due to the small size tanks that are common in our hobby - Tree Frog and Dart frog community tanks are not a good option.

The Crickets required by the tree frogs will stress the dart frogs and there are pathogen and other health related issues that make combining those species problematic.


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Caution, I have only been caring for frogs for about 7 months …but here is my input

I have 2 RETF in an Exo Terra 18x18x24; I am looking to move them into a 40B Vertical

Any plant you use for Darts should be ok with Red Eyes. I have just the basic Lowes/HD type of plants in the tank. The plant that has been used most by the RETFs is a Hosta. I have 2 of them in the tank. In 7 months they have not out grown the tank; their leaves are large and support the frogs weight well. One frog is often sleeping attached under a leaf.

Have lots of vines or wood for them to climb on. I have a vine that goes from side to side, its about 4" above the ground and they seem to hunt from it every night.

Are they similar to dart frogs ? …RETF much larger, different diet, no real difference in housing other than a water source should be available for the RETF, sleep all day.

Can they be kept in the same Viv if its large enough ? …No they should not be.

Would they fight or ignore each other ? …IDK, but I have read RETFs will eat anything they can get in their mouths, and some Dart Frogs are small enough …don’t mix.

Do they require the same plants ect …I would go with larger leaf plants and plants that could take more weight.

[Image: RedEyedonmistercloseup.jpg]

Very cool. I think this will be my next Viv I make.
I've got a 2.1 group in a 24 x 24 exo. They have been a lot of fun to watch. I was amazed at the color change when they are hunting. They get very dark, almost black/dark brown, with the exception of yellow stripes on the sides. Fun frog if your a night owl.
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