Red eyed Tree Frog and Dart Frog Compatablity ?

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I have a male red eyed tree frog in a 50 gallon arboreal style vivarium. I really want to get some poison dart frogs but Im not sure they would be compatible with my red eye. Is this correct or is it possible to put other species in the tank with him? If so, which species would I be able to get.

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I personally wouldn't mix darts with anything, until your very experianced with darts. secondly the eat differant thing the red eye eats cricket and the majority of dart frogs eat fruit fly's, and a sleeping dart frog would be a good meal for a cricket. best thing to do if you want dart frogs is to get a twenty gal tank and start with an easy species like auratus or luecomelas these are both good starter frogs as well as the P. terribillis (which Rich Frye has for sale in the classifieds section)
I've heard this quite a few times, but how exactly would a cricket eat a pdf?

I have a 40gal hex with 1 male red eye tree frog in it and 5 darts. I never seem to have a prob but I only put in about 5 crickets a feeding so that there won't be any leftovers. I think it depends on your frogs personality though. If you have a crazy glutenous frog then I would not recommend it but if you have a calm one I think it is fine. My red eye knows the darts are in the tank but he has never once tried to eat them. In fact they often can be found climbing on top of him mistaking him for a leaf during the day. Like I said make sure you know your frogs well though. I have had friends loose several frogs by mixing the wrong kinds.

Luke, with it's mouth Big Grin

Adult crickets will eat anything that doesn't eat them (with exception of course)

I've lost frogs to crickets(pin heads that don't get eaten grow into adult crickets) as we all know captive bred pdf's don't carry toxins so a cricket could eat a pdf.
Just for the record I've never lost a dart to crickets ( feed FF's and spring tails) I have lost the odd whites and a red eye to crickets
Just to clarify, I do have plenty of plants and even caverns for safety if the pdf's need it,a waterfall, and fogger. Do u think if i started purchasing small crickets at more quantity then they would be less of a risk to the pdfs? Which pdf's does anyone have with a red eye already. My frog seems pretty calm and chill but hes the only one in there so I really dont know his personality with multiple frogs.
I have 4 auratus and 1 leuc. All seem to be fine.

I've heard stories of springtails (in masses) consuming PDF's. A cricket(s) could indeed nibble or eat a sick or young frog.

E. anthonyi, D. imitator, C. azureiventris, D. amazonicus, D. lamasi (pan & pan gl), P. aurotaenia, D. variabilis, D. quinquevittatus, D. reticulatus, D. matecho, D. pumilio cauchero & escudos
Thanks for that I knew I wasn't losing my mind Big Grin

" I've heard stories of springtails (in masses) consuming PDF's. A cricket(s) could indeed nibble or eat a sick or young frog."
Interesting, I have been wondering how a PDF would do with my red eye. They match up well since the red eye sleeps all day long. It doesn't seem like they would cross paths much.

My friend is also setting up a new 20 gallon arboreal set up and thinking about gettin a Red eye and maybe a PDF, would a 20 gallon be to small for that ?? that do u guys think?
I don't know, the red-eye is much bigger then the dart, you would need a lot of places on the bottom for the frog to sleep that the red- eye would not step on. My red-eye really never comes out of the plants. I have a 29 tall which allows for taller plants.
I keep regular green tree frogs in their own tanks and my dart frog in her own tank. I know firsthand that crickets will attack a dart frog. I explained to one store that I was putting a clay pot sideways in my dart frog Rain's tank and wanted to know where to store the crickets and how to get the right amount in the tank. They told me to put a whole bunch of crickets in the tank with the frog. Well, my poor frog was attacked by them in its little clay pot. I luckily got the frog out of the tank in time and put her in another smaller tank. She refused to eat crickets, even the small ones, for five to six months. I had to catch houseflies out in the yard every day for Rain in the fall. I got fruit flies in the wintertime in culture media. Luckily, she decided to give cricket eating another try. But to this day, she needs to be taken to a certain small fish container (the plastic kind) to eat crickets since she only likes one or two at a time in the container. She feels safer eating crickets this way. Also, she doesn't go chasing after and hunting them like she did before. She waits till they come to her and eats them when they get too close to her. So even if a frog survives being attacked by crickets, they can be traumatized for life from the experience.

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