Reintroduction and my various vivaria...

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Hi everyone, been awhile since i been on this board much...i frequent the other one more, under the same account got reset so im not really new here, but for those of you who dont know me...consider this my introduction Wink (I think old posts of mine here are found under "DendroDave")

Im not really keeping much right now. Just 1 black bassleri male, a few L. williamsi electric blue day geckos and a crap load of their eggs, a few newts, fire bellied toad, and 2 ferrets...and some thing that makes a guest appearance in the last shot Wink The huge ice storm we had here in OK awhile back wiped out most of my dart/mantella collection along with some day geckos...never lost power for more then 48hrs if that much in over 25 years then BAM! 7 days of freezing temps and no power ;( Buy a generator...lesson learned.

I recently had alot of luck at the casino so i'll hopefully be adding quite a few darts to these soon.

Anyways i dont think i ever got around to posting these here so here ya go...enjoy.

Sorry i could not for the life of me get these pics to show up in the actual thread itself so links it is ;( (i did try the image tags)

I've already pimped these everywhere else(yes im an attention whore Wink... so If you wanna skip clicking the links and go to it in post form, they all show up in the post at

46gal bow ... a9.jpg?v=0

Rack with the 75, desert viv, and 2 verts. ... cc.jpg?v=0

These are the 2 verts pictured in the rack photo on either side of the 75 ... e3.jpg?v=0 ... e6.jpg?v=0

40gal breeder-Desert viv, day shot ... 1b.jpg?v=0

Desert viv, night shot ... 5f.jpg?v=0

The 75gal close up ... 4bd3_b.jpg

30gal cube ... 1a.jpg?v=0

Meet Echo, the Fennec Fox Wink ... ec.jpg?v=0
Awsome vivs Dave.....

I've always wanted a fox....I know they are hard to find...

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".

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