Repashy Calcium plus ICB

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So I was at the reptile store and the guy offered me this Repashy stuff.He told me that its very good and its actually getting noticed as a calcium and vitamin supp amongst frog hobbyists. I am not sure if it is what i need, but hopefully someone can help me.

The bag reads:

"Insect Cricket Balancer" The "all in one" Cricket dust that provides all essential vitamins and minerals.


Crude protein, min. 25%-crude fat, min. Crude Fiber. Max 3%-moisture. Max 8% ash. Max 8%-Calcium. Min 14%-Calcium. Max 16%-Phosphorus(p). Max 1% Vitamin D-3. Min 20,000 IU/Kilo. Vitamin A 80,000 IU/Kilo

Calcium Plus ICB is to increase the nutritional value of crickets.This combination transformers insects into a food item that has a calcium/phosphorus ratio with optimal levels.It also provides increase in protein and a source of all natural essential vitamins and minerals and trace minerals.


I'm using it once a month in a two week rotation with dendrocare at the moment. It contains retinol which some froggers are beginning to believe is needed for the frog's health and breeding. Every other feeding I rotate between rep-cal and herptivite.

Froggers have been getting by without supplementing retinol (just carotenoids from herptivite) but it seems that a lot of issues may be resolved by the addition of retinol to the diet.

While the ratio of A to D3 is correct in repashy ICB, I'd be hesitant to use it as the sole source of supplementation until people report that it's 'OK' for that purpose. Dendrocare alone was causing seizures in my frogs but it's more likely due to a lack of vitamins caused by the fat soluble vits (A, D3, E) causing each other's oxidation (which may have resulted in less E and D3).

Repashy is supposed to be put together carefully and vacuum sealed correctly to account for this (Dendrocare just reduced the ammt of retinol to compensate).

The staples at the current time are rep-cal and herptevite but using something like repashy icb or dendrocare once or twice a month should help.

Cool, thanks a bunch. I have been trying to find this out for a couple months now.So i got some vits and calcium aswell as the repashy. I will use the Repahsy once a month at the begining or middle of the month. Thanks again Big Grin

Not necessarily blaming the supplement, but back in November or early December, I started using that the ICB instead of the "tried/true" pink and blue... almost immediately (within a couple weeks) noticed an increase in viability of my eggs...what confuses me is that some of the froglets that originate from this period where I was using the ICB exclusively don't seem as strong as previously...
Had one froglet with slack jaw, one whose back legs don't seem right, one morph with one eye and a crooked head, a few imitator froglets, which used to produce about as sturdy a froglet as you can hope for, failing to thrive...problems I'd never had before.
I'm guessing it's just a balance problem...that or the increased "viability" rate just allowed those that should have died in the egg stage to live longer.
I'm gonna try using it twice a month, and the tried and true pink and blue the rest of the time for a while.

Again, this was hardly a documentable scientific experience, and what I'm noticing could just be a coincidence, just sharing some observations.
Just some thoughts...
Brian T. Sexton
I actually switch it up in a rotation - it's a good idea to rotate your supplements to cover for any inadequacies
yep....rotation is the key.

4-5 good vitamns. Try to include a good German Vitamin too. Nekton

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Phil, do you use the Nekton-REP or the Nekton-REP-Color?
I have used Nekton Rep for a few years and just recently got the color to try.

I do use NatuRose in the rotation have, like, 8 different supps.

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Thanks Phil Big Grin
~ Welcome.

"Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana".
Soooooooooooo what would be 4-5 good vitamins?
Dendrobates, Phyllobates, Rantiomeya, Epipedobates
In no particular order:

Reptical (Calc)
Exoterra has a new Rep/ Amp vit out now
Dendrocare (German but found here thru Black Jungle or on eBay)
Nekton Rep ( " " )
NatuRose (Supp, not a vit)

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