Repticon Philadelphia Feb 25, 26, 27 ??

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I see that Josh's Frogs is attending this event. They (Repticon) place themselves on a "Hamburg" date and that's a head scratcher.

Traditionally, Philadelphia shows have downright sucked in both vendor AND customer attendence for inexplicable reasons. Philly is a big city and one would think a great location, but I've been to at least 12 different Phily shows and venues over the years and they have all been, "not good".

If anyone has any insight on this, or believes that this show will be good....please give us a holla.

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Repticon didn't have a choice on dates because it is part of the pet expo. I didn't bother to go to the one 10 minutes from my house because they only had like 10 animal dealers. I think it will be a very poor turn out in Philly because the herp people will go to Hamburg. Plus, many of the vendors in Edison do Hamburg, so I don't know if they will even have 10 vendors...

It seems some promoters are trying to "bite" the customer and attendence base of these "Pet" - Dog and Cat expos.

That will never work IMO. Herp people are vastly different from regular "Pet" people. The "consumer distance" between the two is huge and does not overlap in the slightest.

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i don't mean to pick on joshs but i think he will do less business at philly like phil said. they would of been better at hamburg. the feb show is usually the busiest of the shows. pet expos are not the best for herps and reptiles. we did a show at reading pet expo. didn't really sell anything. and also that sunday was the white plains show.
Yeah Walt, the only thing I can come up with is maybe Josh is going to try to sell a lot of the regular "Aquarium friendly" non specialty items and dry goods and maybe thinking that no other frogger is going to be there to compete.


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i wish josh all the best for the show in philly. i think that if they would of gotten a table at hamburg would of made a bit more than they might make at repticon. but then again i hope i'm wrong.
to josh's best of luck at the show.
Yeah...We wish our fellow Frog Vendors all the best, no matter where they go. I would have liked to talk a little shop with Zach and the boys at the 'burg, that's all.

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Anyone go to this ?

We need a report....

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